About Us

Agendabook.com's agenda design has been a work in progress since 2001 by student volunteers at 20 major universities and colleges with the belief that filling your life with actionable goals through a distraction-free medium could be accomplished through elegant simplicity.  With great curiosity we watched excitedly as digital calendars became more accessible, yet orders for our agendas increased every year.  We realized that many shared our belief that our life plan is better reached with our connection to the mighty pen than with an array of pixels.

Finally available for public sale, Agendabook.com has produced and distributed over 1.5 million agendas through private custom offerings to colleges and universities.  Our initial launch in 2015 includes our highest quality planning material and a design engineered to simplify your life.  As an experienced company with a new focus, we're dedicated to enabling your goals.  Thank you for allowing us into your journey.

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